1. What’s the longevity of the hair?

This will depend on how you care for the hair. It can last 24+ months with proper care.

2. Can my hair extensions be bleached/colored?

Hair provided by Pretty Little Snob can be manipulated from its original state in any way, as you would your own natural hair.

3. Does the hair shed?

There may naturally be some shedding; it is very minimal shedding, if any. Some Snobs experiences no shedding at all.

4. How much hair can I expect from a bundle?

Our hair extensions weigh approx. 3.5 - 3.7oz per bundle. Typically, three bundles will achieve most looks. Remember, the longer the hair, the shorter the weft. See below for recommended bundle usages;

**this will depend on hair types, desired lengths and textures/patterns. **

14”- 16” = 3 bundles
18”-20” = 3-4 bundles
22”-24” = 4-5 bundles
26” & up = 5-6 bundles


5. How were your vendors selected?:

You can trust that we have longstanding, professional relationships with all of our vendors and they have been tested rigorously along with their samples by shampooing, conditioning, dyeing/bleaching, lifting, flat-ironing, blow drying and repeating; along with multiple installations. We only use vendors that meet our very high standards and have completed our testing process with 100% compliance as the only acceptable score.

6. Who are your vendors?:

I do not discuss my vendors, mostly because I am also a wholesale vendor. I provide wholesale packages and sample packages (fee for sample packages). Please click on the ‘Wholesale’ option in the ‘Snob Directory’.

7. Do you offer friends/family discounts?:

YES! We will supply product to friends/family at wholesale prices. I just ask that friends/family spread the word, by mouth and by social media. Friends/family can contact us for pricing by email at: wholesale@prettylittlesnob.com

8. Do you have a referral program?

Of course! Refer your friends and save! Subscribe to the Snobby Lobby to participate in the referral program and earn a 5% discount, per referral, to apply towards a new order. VIPSnobs can earn 15% of their referral’s order total to apply towards a new order (ONLY with an active VIP membership). NOTE: you will earn 5% (or, 15% if VIP) of the total of your referral’s order, before taxes. This percentage MUST be applied towards a new order. We DO NOT offer cash back.

PLEASE: Send me any questions to : info@prettylittlesnob.com. I will post your question here and I will do my absolute best to get you an answer in a timely manner.