Pretty Little Snob, LLC provides personal care services and cosmetic treatments for both women and men. We offer a variety of services including professional hair care, hair styling, and hair braiding, manicures, pedicures and other nail services, permanent makeup, wig installation, body waxing services and eyelash extensions.

This limited liability company is founded and a “Pretty Little Snob” named Cham, who believes that in a world that often equates beauty with external appearances, it’s imperative to rediscover and celebrate the true essence of beauty that resides within us all. I like to go beyond what’s skin-deep and encourage a holistic embrace of unique qualities, foster self-love, and challenge societal norms that confine beauty to a narrow spectrum. Total acceptance of who we are inside and out brings inner peace, happiness, and therefore inner beauty. Our inner self radiates positive energy into the world simply by putting effort into caring for the physical house of our souls.

Our Mission Statement is “Beauty is more than skin deep and our goal at Pretty Little Snob is to make sure all clients not only feel confident and empowered, but also beautiful; both inside and out - by providing an unparalleled experience. Our professional expertise is where luxury meets artistry and is always tailored to bring forth the best version of you!”

I’m here to offer this industry a piece of that experience. Pretty Little Snob is your one-stop “Snob Shop” for the highest quality and luxurious salon treatments.